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what is a hair topper?

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A hair topper, sometimes known as a half wig or top piece, a hairpiece usually only covers the top portion of the head. A hair topper can vary in size depending on the coverage you need. A hair topper is similar to a wig, just smaller and is used to cover a partially exposed scalp.

From the market, there has two types of hair toppers are very popular, they are: 1. fine mono hair toppers 2. silk base hair toppers.

what is fine mono hair topper?

The mono base hair topper it's made with a ultra fine mesh material where Individual hairs are hand-tied, giving the illusion of hair growth from the scalp, with this base type, the hair topper can have a higher hair density than the regular silk base ,so the people who worry about the durability of your hair topper, we recommend you the fine mono base toppers.

what is silk top hair topper?

The silk base hair topper is famous for its soft,light,easy-to-attach characteristics and the silk base is the most realistic fake scalp and it looks just like your own hair scalp and the silk base allows for a comfortable wear, and mimics the scalp with invisible knotting of strands into the base.

Do you know how to choose a hair topper?

Buying a topper, first you should consider your budget. When you know what budget you'll be working with, you'll easily be able to determine whether or not you can go with a stock topper or a custom topper. And from jussi hair ,both our stock and custom toppers are made to look great, but if you have a little more to spend, we definitely recommend a custom unit as it gives you the most flexibility when choosing styles.

It is also important to identify the stage of hair loss and the area of coverage to find the correct topper. You should figure out whether your hair loss is in the beginning, mid/progressive or advance stage. Next, determine the area of hair loss that needs coverage. The most important is that the area you're clipping to can support the weight of hair and the base of the topper to avoid causing hair loss to your biological hair. Once you have established the area that needs coverage, measure from front to back then side to side, write down the measurements, make sure you keep your measurements to track your hair loss in the future. Since hair loss can be progressive. It's important that you record your measurements and check the areas you're clipping to. Ensure you're wearing the correct base size to not cause any damage or loss to your biological hair. Your area of hair loss may change or shift, so it's important to retake your measurements every six months and record those measurements every time.

Choose a topper may seem easy but considering your stage of hair loss area of coverage needed and the condition of your biological hair is important when choosing a base size. Measuring correctly will prevent the topper from shifting, pulling, or creating more hair loss.

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